GTEX Demo is available for testing!

Dear GTEX community,

Thank you for your patience, support and feedback throughout the past few months. It has allowed us to focus on product development and delivery. Finally, we are excited to announce that GTEX Demo is available for testing. GTEX Demo can currently be tested on Android phones, and we are working hard to make the iOS version available by the end of this month.

GTEX Demo features the GTEX Game mall and GTEX Wallet. Users are able to browse and play games in the game mall; and store, send and receive tokens in their wallets. For platform demonstration purposes, we have developed Crypto Hole, a fun and competitive multiplayer game.

GTEX Demo serves as proof of concept and a preview of our final product. All tokens used in the app are for demonstration purposes only. Do not deposit real cryptocurrencies in the GTEX Demo. GTEX is not responsible for any losses.

For more instructions, questions and answers about the GTEX Demo feel free to contact our admins in the GTEX telegram channel.

You can get your hands on the GTEX Demo by visiting Google Play store, or by directly downloading the APK file from our website.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Vlad Milosevic, Co-Founder of GTEX

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